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Random Vibration - Solver appears to only use first 15 frequencies

Question asked by David Maxham on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by Jared Conway

When running a random vibration model, the solver appears to only consider the first 15 frequencies, even though I have the following setting in properties:


Frequency Options, upper bound frequency =2000  (the number of frequencies button is blank and the default number 15 is grayed out.

Random Vibration options, upper limit = 2000,  number of points =3


During the frequency solving, the software identies 173 frequencies.  But when I solve for the stresses, the number of steps is 49, which I think is due to the software considering that there are 15 frequencies.  That is 49 steps = 15*3 + 4.  I suspect this because when I have the number of points set at 2, the number of steps is 34, which I think is 15*2 + 4.


Anyway, I was hoping to get some help here, since I think the software is only using the first 15 natural frequencies.  I've checked all the other settings but can't seem to locate anything.


Maybe I have to update something?


Thanks,  Dave