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Hiding Drill Points From The Hole Wizard

Question asked by Cad Cam on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by Cad Cam

Hi guys,


I am having a few problems when showing hidden detail on a drawing.


I need to be able to remove the hidden detail for specific holes, now I know I should be able to hide them and that’s grate, works for most things but I have found that on all drawings I am unable to hide the drill point on drilled or tapped holes done by the hole wizard, I also have this problem with the very top of a hidden counter bore also done with the hole wizard, I was able to hide everything else but not the detail of the very top of the counter bore.


I have had one success using select other but this seemed to just work on one drill point and not work on any others.


I have tried right clicking and some times in the dropdown menu you have a pair of glasses to hide but I don’t have this option when right clicking the drill point lines.


Any help appreciated