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    Simulation Issues

    Robert E

      I am trying to make a simulation for pushing a ball through a hole.


      An example being a 2.5 inch diameter ball being pushed through a 2.440 inch hole.


      Now the force behind it is a pressure pushing it forward.


      I got some results but I know they are not correct.


      The goal of this model is to change the pressure and material properties to strike a balance.



      I did a non linear model and all the deformation and stresses were on the wrong side and the buckling just did a little corner on the lip.





      I have Solidworks 2012 Premium.



      Any help in setting the up would be appreciated (or a sample model to modify my design).

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          Bill McEachern

          use a qtr symmetry model and split the ball so you only apply pressure the side that sees the pressure.

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              Robert E

              I tried doing a quarter. But I cant see where to change that setting in the simulation (I have not really done any of these).


              Still the stresses are on the wrong side and when I look at the deformation all it shows me is the ring rather than the ball.


              There should be alot of shear and compression forces around the edge where the ring and ball meet (I assume).


              This is also the non linear study.  quarter.PNG

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                  Bill McEachern

                  the simulation is not reflecting your anticipated reality so I would not get all hung up on what hte results are other than they are incorrect. The pressure load in on the portion ofhte sphere that is on the other side? Is that intended? If not then WTF.

                  Cut away 3/4 of hte model and apply the roller slider contstraint to all cut faces (planer symmetry for solid elements).

                  Put a split line around the equator so you apply the pressure load just to the side that sees the pressure. Why are you using a directed pressure and not a force?

                  The other thing is that I doubt the problem will work properly withthe ring as a rigid body - I would give it some stiffness.

                  The solution will fail once the ball is through the hole. I would use displacement control so you can run past the hole and still get an answer.

                  I would psot a video of a similar problem but I can't figure out how to get it done. Why it isn't as simple as a picture I have no idea.