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To complex??

Question asked by Rodger Secrest on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2013 by Roland Schwarz

Hello, I am a new CAD Technician/Assistant Engineer for an auto accessories company. I came from more of an architecture background, so the mechanical design side is a bit of a curve. I have been using Solidworks since mid March. Other programs I have experience in are Autodesk products, mainly Autodesk Revit Architectural and Autodesk Inventor for the little mechanical designs that I have done. Anyway, I am creating a door panel piece and I have modeled it one way that looks pretty similar to the original piece. Now that I am basically done, I want to try and recreate the part using the sheet metal features in Solidworks 2013 since I believe that is what the part was original made from. Unfortunately, neither my boss nor I have much experience in sheet metal alone, let alone using sheet metal within Solidworks 2013. I get so far just with messing with the features, but then I get stuck and can’t go any further. I either get errors or it says something like the flat pattern cannot be produced. How would I go about creating this part using sheet metal in Solidworks 2013? I have attached a few pictures of the part and also a compressed zip file of the Solidworks 2013 part file that I have already created. Thank you to anyone that can help or try and push me in the right direction.