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Exporting dxf with 3D faces

Question asked by Jason Matusiak on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2013 by Chris Dordoni

I am using a tool for ray modeling (RF) of environments and need to plop down some buildings in it.  We have a SolidWorks license, but I am not all that proficient, so I apologize in advance if I word something incorrectly.


The software I am working with can input a dxf or a shapefile for buildings, and the stipulations on the dxf are that it "can only convert DXF objects containing polylines, polyface meshes, or 3D faces using AutoCAD grip points so that the DXF converter can identify faces that are touching."  I know that other people have created buildings in autocad, and then all the building surfaces were changed into 3D faces, each of which were then associated with AutoCAD layers according to their material type. Converting all building surfaces into 3D faces instead of polylines and polyface meshes seemed to be the most compatible with this other tool.


Since I have SW, I am trying to figure out how to do something similar (and have failed for 2 days).  It appears that 3D dxf files cannot be exported, so I tried to export .stl and .sat files and convert them to .dxf with MeshLab and DraftSight, but haven't had much luck (I get a blob when I import to my other program without windows or doors).


What I am not sure is if I am attempting something that just can't be done with the tools at my disposal, or is this totally doable, and I am just doing something wrong.


Any thoughts?