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    Warning message for breaking links in BOM.

    Chris Dietz

      SW2013 SP3.0

      I see this warning message when I want to manually override a BOM cell. The warning description doesn't make any sense.. "Do you want to keep the link or break the link..." and you can answer with "Yes", "No", or "Cancel" So not knowing how to properly answer the question it's asking I hit "Yes" assuming that it's trying to ask me something along the lines of "Do you want to break the link and override the value in the cell?" Well it lets me edit the text after saying "Yes" but when I finish making my text change it reverts back to the original property driven text. So I tried again and chose "No" and it again let me edit the text, however after finishing my edit the change was made successfully. This post really isn't about a problem since I found the correct choice to let me do what I want.. it's just about the very oddly written warning message.huhhh.png