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    Dashed lines for countersink OD in drawing

    John Pate

      I am having a problem with countersinks in a drawing.  We model in 3D and create the drawings, but we also export our drawings as DXFs so that our laser programmers can import them natively.  The problem I am having is that I am trying to create a drawing with an M6 tapped hole that has a small near-side countersink.  There is no problem creating this feature and its callout, but when I go to finish the drawing, there is the solid line indicating the outer diameter of the countersink.  This causes a problem because if the programmer misses it, then the laser will cut the hole to the size of the outer diameter of the countersink.   Can I customize the hole wizard database to show these outer lines as dashed for all countersinks?

      hole wizard.png