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Reference Connection Point in From-To List

Question asked by Eric Din on Jul 24, 2013
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Hi all,


I am CADing up a very simple switch wiring schematic in which I have three DPDT switches wired to a power supply, emergency switch, and two motors.


From my very elementary understanding of SolidWorks Routing, I have gathered that Routing becomes very useful when you have an elaborate schematic and SW will group wires into a single connection point. However, with my simple schematic, I want to have every wire modeled.


I've modeled the switches and all electrical components as having Connection Points at every terminal.


How can I reference these in a from-to list so that wires will be added when going through the from-to wizard? As it stands, Only CPoint1 is linked between the components, regardless of how I reference the pins in the from-to list. I've tried puting "1, 2, 3,..." and "CPoint1, CPoint2, ..." in the "Pin" column of my excel spreadsheet.


Thanks for your help,