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Assembly FeatureManger design tree

Question asked by Basam Rafou on Jul 24, 2013
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When I create new assemblies I manually organize the parts in Feature Manger by putting them inside folders, which makes it easier for me to track and create modifications in future. The name and the order of these folders matches BOM that we have externally created and stored using excel Sheet, therefore; the names of the folders end up with the following format: “designator # x quantity (part#) , description” ex :(1 x 1 (5000-200) , Screw #4-40 X ½”  PAN PHI HD).

The question is can this processes be automated using Macros? The goal will be after opining a new assembly template and naming the file I can run the macro that extract info from excel sheet and create a completely named empty folders in SolidWorks feature manger.

Is there anybody out there who did similar thing? All your comments and suggestions are appreciated.