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    Files added to vault without permissions

    Laura Whittle

      So we had something interesting happen.  Two users somehow added files to the top level vault, they can not check them in since there is not a workflow. They don't remember doing it of course.  We do not give folder permissions for anyone to add files to the top level vault.


      Any ideas on how the files were allowed to be added.  I am in the same groups as these users and tried to add files by template, save, save as, and drag and drop and I would get the error saying does not meet the conditions of any workflow.



      Picture of the history,  I don't think I have ever seen a version 0 before.


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          Charley Saint



          I wouldn't read too much into the version 0 mistake. The history dialog uses some odd hueristics to order the operations so that rollbacks work correctly and sometimes it gets it wrong. Essentially the created event should be listed before the transition event, and transition events pull their version number from the event before them, which happened to be nothing so it got a 0. If you check the database I would pretty much guarentee it says the transition occured on version 1.


          As far as how the file got there I don't know if there would be much of a trail to follow, are you sure they didn't somehow get user permissions to add files to the root as opposed to group permissions?