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    Summit, User Groups, Forums, & Resellers

    James Pare

      I must admit, I am probally one the more vocal critics of SWX, but when they do something right, I should also try to be as loud


      Anyone who isn't taking part in the Summits or User groups they do not know what they are missing!

      This is probally the best part of SWX, the community you canbe a part of.


      I am a long time experienced user & I still learn a ton of new things at the user group meetings & summits.

      If you looking for something big at these events your on the wrong path.

      It's all the little quick tricks that can make your day, The little things do add up


      As far as resellers, I know I have one of the best (Javelin)

      They contstantly put up with me pushing the software to the limits


      As per the SWX team, I know they are trying to do their best & it's hard to make everyone happy

      Listen to the users, be more active to see the real issues in real life design,

      We have real deadlines & need results & are always trying to move forward


      I would personnaly like to thank Richard for putting on another great event! Detroit Summit 2013 was a hit