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    Get mass properties and perimeter from the measure function into excel?

    Evan Dlugopolski

      Hello all,


      I am new to the API in solidworks and pretty limited in programing knoledge in general.  Ive got a macro (a choppy one) that can do a lot of what im trying to do, but....i want it to accomplish a few more tasks.


      I need a macro that can:


      1. Get - Surface Area (in feet)

                  Mass (in lbs)

                  Perimeter (in inches)  (from the measure tool)


      2. Put those values into an excel document would be ideal. However displaying them in a msgbox or even simply just opening the mass prop dialoge box would also help. (Or another alternative would be to have the macro insert the parts into an open assembly so i can gather the information i need through the BOM)


      3. (I assume) The macro would need a pause in it so i can select the face to take the perimeter from.


      4. Prompt with a combo box to select a material from my favorites list. (mostly so i dont forget to chance the material not to save time)


      5. Prompt to select material thickness would also be helpfull.


      All of the parts i deal with are sheet metal parts some IPS, some MMGS.  I already have my macro flatten the part and set the document properties to IPS but I still need the mass properties to be changed to  feet.


      If anyone has any information on how to do any of these tasks it would be much appreciated. I know its a tall order but these are all tasks that i do sometimes 30+ times a day.

      I can attach screen shots or my current macro if that would help anyone...just ask!


      Thank you