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    Converting dashed lines in imported DWGs to sketch

    Alexander Zwegers

      on SW2013 I'm having a problem with imported DWGs that have contours in dashed lines:


      I import a DWG/DXF as a new sketch.


      I can't seem to select such contours as regions to extrude/cut (I think because technically they are not closed contours because of the gaps in the lines)


      When I use the linestyle toolbar in sketch mode and change the linetypes of the dashed lines to continuous, it looks all fine in sketch mode.


      But when I exit the sketch, they are still dashed and I can still not use them as contours to extrude/cut.


      Is there a way to fix this? (and/or: why can't SW see that it's just a closed line anyways? Seems quite dodgy)