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    Unpacking STEP file inside the vault.

    Martin Solem

      Hi, i couldn't find any relevant information by searching, so here it goes:


      I am having problems with "unpacking" STEP files inside the Enterprise PDM vault. It appears the vault has problems handling files that are not moved into it, but rather just "appear" when processing the STEP file. To get around it i unpack it outside the vault, and move the files into the vault afterwards.

      So i wonder, have anyone else had any bad experiences with processing STEP files inside the vault?


      .....and knows why?

      .....and knows how to remedy this?

      .....and knows if the error applies to other files, including parasolids?


      I'm sorry i don't have any specific error description, it's been a long time since i troubleshot this, but the need for a solution has surfaced again. I'm really just hoping someone has any experience with this and can point me in the right direction.



      Best regards,

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          Jeff Thomas

          Martin, I created a workflow today that will allow the .step file to be checked into the fault in a vaulted state. We use the step file to send to machine shops that require them and generate them when the drawing goes to a released state. If you wanted to upack the step file just check it out and open it with solidworks. There is no need to unpack it inside the vault.

          Hope this helps


          Jeff Thomas

          Seanic Ocean Systems

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            Wayne Marshall



            Can you expand a bit more on the process you are using when you say 'unpacking' a STEP file. In EPDM a file that is 'Saved' into the Vault is automatically added to the vault. But other files that just appear (such as Temporary ~ prefixed files) that you typically wouldn't want to be automatically added to the Vault are not. You can control this however. If you open the Administration Tool and access the User / Settings screen via the Shortcut Menu you should see the section called 'Adding Files' in here you can define file types to add and those to never add.



            You can add the 'extensions' for the file formats you want to be added automatically to the vault in here. I have "sld*" to auto add any SolidWorks files created by actions such as Split that wouldn't be a normal 'Save As'. This can be useful if you are 'unzipping' files straight into the Vault as the files in the Zip would not normally be 'Added to the Vault' automatically.


            Hope that helps


            Wayne Marshall

            Solid Solutions Management (UK)