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flow simulation of a tank

Question asked by Flavio Gaggi on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2013 by Jared Conway

Hi, I'm a beginner in SWFS and I need a help.

I would like to simulate the fluid (water) through a tank, where a mass flow enter at atmospheric pressure, is sucked by the submerged pump and the same mass flow is exausted with increased pressure.

I've got:

-pump curve, 3000rpm

-sw model (tank, impeller and pump casing, driveshaft....)


1) Is it possible to replace the pump by another coponents, something like an internal fan user defined to avoid the simulation through the pump? What kind of BC are needed to ensure the right sense of cirulation of the water?( i tried to put atmospheric pressure input and, 3bar output and the flow was in wrong sense).


I suppose to use the rotating region to simulate the pump behavior.

2) What are the right BC on input/output flow of the tank? ( non time dependence simulation)

3)What is the right shape of rotating region?close to impeller shape or same as volute chamber or maybe something else?(see the file attached)