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    Entities Property (IDisplayStateSetting)

    Greg Johnson

      The Entities Property is looking for an array of components which is easy to get in an assembly file using the following code:


      Dim blnTopLevelOnly As Boolean = True 'Controls whether program works on all levels of the assembly
      Dim lstComponent As Component2() = New Component2(swAssemblydoc.GetComponentCount(blnTopLevelOnly) - 1) {}
      Dim objComponents() As Object = swAssemblydoc.GetComponents(blnTopLevelOnly)

      For i = 0 To objComponents.GetUpperBound(0)

          Dim swComponent As Component2 = objComponents(i)
          If Not swComponent.IsHidden(True) And Not swComponent.IsSuppressed Then
              lstComponent(i) = swComponent
          End If

          If swComponent.GetSuppression = swComponentSuppressionState_e.swComponentLightweight Then
              lstComponent(i) = swComponent
          End If

      Dim lstComponents As Object = lstComponent

      Dim swDisplayStateSetting As DisplayStateSetting = swModelDocExt.GetDisplayStateSetting(swDisplayStateOpts_e.swSpecifyDisplayState)

      Dim strDisplayStateNames As String() = New String(1) {}
      strDisplayStateNames(0) = strDisplayStateName
      Dim lstDisplayStateNames As Object = strDisplayStateNames
      swDisplayStateSetting.Names = lstDisplayStateNames

      swDisplayStateSetting.Entities = lstComponents
      swDisplayStateSetting.Option = swDisplayStateOpts_e.swSpecifyDisplayState
      swDisplayStateSetting.PartLevel = False
      swDisplayStateSetting.RemoveAppearance = False


      My question is how do I populate lstComponents when I'm working with a part file.


      I'm trying to write a macro that creates a new display state, and then changes the color of that display state to a specified color in a part file. The original display state must remain the original display state color.