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How do you move a sketch from an assembly to a part file?

Question asked by Timothy Bottger on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2013 by John Burrill

I have attended many SW Worlds over the years, and a number of years back there was an enhancement that was shown to the entire crowd.  One that I felt was a huge enhancement that would help many people out.  This enhancement was that if a user, while in an assembly, accidentally forgot to "Edit Part", and began to sketch on a plane, then realizing after he/she was completed with the sketch that they inadvertently sketched in the assembly, could simply move it from the assembly to the part with no fuss.  You can imagine where someone has taken the time to create a complex sketch with relations, often times using splines, etc... how this could be a very good option of recovery for them.  I vividly remember the crowd getting very loud and excited in regards to this enhancement specifically, due to the number of folks that this happens to.  Not that it happens often to me, but it does happen, and usually on those complex sketches where it took an hour to sketch it.  Based on the crowds reactions, I know it happens to others very often. 


I have searched a lot over the years on these forums and the web when this happens to me, just in case someone posts a description of how to do it.  And frankly, over the last number of years, I have seen nothing in regards to this.  Now, either they (Dassault Systems) decided not to put it into the production release of the software, or no one has any idea how this enhancement works?  I am hopeful that the crowd was not taunted that day and the latter is true.


Now to put this question in context so the answers that folks may post are pertinent...  I am a CSWP and have been for almost 10 years.  I have been using the software since 1997, and have been through the good, bad and GREAT times.  I am not looking for the answers of "converting entities", "cutting and pasting", or "copying sketches" and "keeping or removing dangling dimensions".  The feature enhancement I am talking about was a simple command that "moved" the entire sketch from an assembly sketch onto a plane of a part, keeping all the relations and dimensions as is.  No fussing with copying, pasting, dangling dim's, or the like.  It just moved it for a "Goomba" like me who was working too hasty and simply did not select the "edit part" options before I began sketching.


I'd love to either hear...


1. That I am not crazy, and that I did see this at a SW World.  Please forgive me that I don't remember which one.  They all seem to blend together, and frankly my head is usually fuzzy that early in the morning after the long nights;-)...


2. Or, please... someone from Solidworks please reply to this with the way in which this enhancement works...


3. Or, just let us know if this enhancement never made the production release.  And if not, lets get it back in there!


Thanks for reading!