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    Screw Hole Threads

    Ken G.

      Hello All,

      I'm very very new to solidworks. I have version 2013 Trial. I'm in the process of going through some training using some videos I downloaded from the net. I draw very basic part currently with ACAD2014, rectangle parts mostly for machine products we manufacture. I was curious about SW so I started looking into it and now I like it. So here's my questions:

      For practice only.

      I created a part .88" wide by 1" high by 3.5" long.

      I added a 3/8 NPT hole on the side of it. It did not show threads, only the hole size, type & depth. In ACAD I added some circle to the existing hole and then trimmed them to look like threads. Is there a way in SW to show threads? OR do I do the same as in ACAD?


      I do have "All Annotations" checked. I did use "Cosmetic Thread" from annotation tab. I've attached a screenshot for review.

      Thanks in Advance