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    Flow simulation time dependency

    Paulo Lopes

      Hi everybody,

      Is it ossible to introduce in SolidWorks Flow simulation a time dependency for valves (inseide the boundaries) to open and close in order to direct the flow from one direction to another?



      Detailed, the problem is the following:

      There is a box with 2 (two) entances and 2 (two) exits and I´m trying to apply in solidworks flow simulation a time dependency in which the inlet flow changes from one entrance to another and, at the same time change the outlet exit too.

      Could somebody clearify me if this is duable and if not, if there is another solution?




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          Jared Conway

          I don't think the software will let you go with a zero flow to shut it off. You could try a really high pressure. The one thing I'm pretty sure of is that you can't tell it to enable and disable them which is really what you need. Same thing goes for like a porous medium that gets really restrictive.

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              Paulo Lopes

              Yeah, i have been trying different solutions while incrising the complexity of the prototype to get close to the real case scenario.
              Although i have tried the low pressure, i still haven't tried the high pressure.


              The porous medium would be a really good solution for it (easy and sharp), if there was a dependency of the porosity with time.


              By the way, this might come as a non rational question but i'm trying to think out of the box, would it be possible to join a motion study with a flow simulation analyses?

              I have not tried it yet. I was just thinking that would be closer to the real case scenario, besides there is a lot of real life situations close to my problem.