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Matthew-Uni Student

Question asked by Matthew McDonald on Jul 23, 2013
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Hi all,


Im a first time user here, Im currently trying to assemble and then animate a Snatch Lift robot using solid works 2013, The unis system has the 8gig ram and a fairly good processor system, but having issues trying to create a fully moving robot without 'blocking and stagnation' on the comp screen, with pausing. I believe this is because of lack of memory, could this be right?


I also am creating sub assemblies that need to be bought into a parent assembly, and noticing when the sub assembly is put into place, it stops moving (locks). As thought the parent assembly doesn't recognize the sub assembly. HELP! What can I do?


Ultimately I want to have a fully animated Snatch lift robot to use as apart of my engineering presentation.moves fluidly, no blocky movements. Can some one please give me a SEQUENCE to follow in regards to preparation of assemblies leading into a fully animated snatch robot? Please.


Also, I wasn't to sure weather to use 'motors' to run it?



Any help is appreciated,