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Print Selection

Question asked by Matt S. on Jul 23, 2013



I have a large drawing at a 1:120 scale.  I only want to print a small portion of it at that scale now.  (the full size drawing at that scale is around 3x4 feet).  When using print selection I set it to a slightly different scale and put the box around the section I want (on the bottom right) However this now leaves a huge excess of wasted space on the right side that shows up just as empty white area when I print to a pdf.  Can I either toggle the selection box not to contrain in X and Y so I don't get the excess area? Or can I cut it out of the PDF? Thanks.


Edit: Might have figured this out...take screenshot in PDF which centers it on the screen..then try to minimize the excess by changing the paper size until it just fits.  Would like to know if this is directly possible in Solidworks though with the print selection.