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    How to Display Chevrons along a drawing view sketch segment or drawing view line

    Guy Moseley



      I would like to display chevrons along a drawing view line to indicate that it is a parting line.


      My plan would be trace the parting line using a Sketch-Line and then either select the whole Sketch-line chain, or each sketch-line segment at a time and run a macro


      I have shown how you can pattern a chevron sketch along a drawing sketch segment in file Screenshot - 23_07_2013 , 13_12_16.png.  But can only pattern horizontally and vertically and cannot orient the chevron.


      Does anyone know how I could create a macro to run on each selected  (or a chain of) sketch-line(s) that would copy the chevron shape along it.  It would have to orient the chevron with the line?


      Thanks & regards