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Workgroup PDM individual pc installation

Question asked by Allen Fisher on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2013 by Allen Fisher

I was curious if installing the workgroup pdm on each individual pc would be of any use?  I am currently saving all my data on a server.  Revision control has not been implemented other than on hard copies and I would like to start better revision control.  I was wondering if performing a pack-and-go to my pc (with workgroup pdm), performing the revision, and then pack-and-go back to the server and just use the "workgroup pdm" version in the place of the "server version" would work?  My thoughts on using the workgroup pdm version are because it can create revisions automatically, correct?  Also, my company currently does not have a server that can use workgroup pdm or enterprise so until we have a server that can handle pdm software, I was curious if we could try something else.