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Do not allow users to dismiss "Unable to find file"

Question asked by Charles Culp on Jul 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2013 by Josh Brady

How much money do we need to pay to make this checkbox disappear? Or at least make it a temporary setting, so next time they restart they are always prompted again?


We have incorrect prints because of this. We have incorrect bills because of this. Without some careful oversight, we would have had incorrect product because of this.


Please, for everything that can be asked, let's get rid of this option.




Why is this a problem? A user opens up a large assembly with bad references to the "standard" components in it (screws, etc). Getting tired of browsing for files, the user selects "suppress components" and "Don't show again". That's fine, except that now every time the user opens up an assembly, it automatically just makes the bad referenced components disappear, without warning. Since they are just screws, etc, the user never notices, then submits the assembly for production. This isn't a "what-if" situation, as it keeps happening here.


Please, we need to stop this.