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    controlling names of segment_instances in 3D PDF

    Dan Hofstetter



      I am trying to save a 3D PDF of a SolidWorks part file, and would like to know how to control the names of segment_instances that get created in the model tree navigation pane within the PDF.  When I save the \samples\tutorial\routing-pipes\fittings.SLDASM file (mentioned in API help for saving PDF files), the model tree items get named using the design tree names from the assembly.  I have tried this with another assembly file and had success also.  However, when I try to save a 3D PDF from a .SLDPRT model, the model tree names are all set to "segment_instanceX" (where X is an integer), even though I named all of the features in the design tree.


      Can anyone help with this?  I'd like to be able to send the 3D PDF to others for review, and being able to see named model tree items would be very helpful since the items can be hidden using Acrobat Reader.