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    creating engineering database items externally

    Dan Hofstetter

      I am working on a project involving internal fans, and am looking for a way to modify fan data via the API.  Ideally, users would enter data for a particular fan into an Excel form, and that data would be used to set the parameters for a new fan in the engineering database.  Can anyone help with this?  Since I need to model recirculation, I don't think I can use the Inlet/Outlet Volume Flow boundary conditions.





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          Jared Conway

          Could get complicated with respect to units and size of the input data. Also I'm not sure if you can automate that part.


          Curious why you're trying to automate this part of the setup of an analysis. Is it just to go through multiple iterations looking at different fans?


          I agree that inlet outlets won't work. They are basically portals that don't know about each other that way.