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    Non-PDM reporting/spreadsheet usage

    Oli Sparrow

      Hi all,


      We don't use PDM as we only have one seat of SW and no one with enough time to properly administrate it.


      In my previous job using financial systems, the software had the very basic capability of exporting an activity log and list of files and their locations created throughout the day, and all at the click of a single button.


      Has SW got any similar reporting features, or is there way to set up this kind of integration with Excel or alternative?


      What I'd like to do is keep a central, shared Excel file with info like Part/Assembly/Drawing name, date created, file location and possibly a few other parameters that I can update each day, as autonomously as possible. This will help my colleagues keep track of updates and make it easier to find certain bits and pieces when I'm not there.


      Thanks in advance!