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    P1 and P2 principle stresses and strains for linear study versus Vonmises tensot plot

    Neil Grant

      A couple of questions.  I would have assumed the P1 principle stress and the big tensile stress in the vonmises tensor plot to have the same magintude and direction.  Seems they do not.  Also, I would expect P2 to be perpendicular to P1.  Seems it is not with a vector plot.  I am going to mesh it a little fineer with more mesh control at the split line where the gauge is and see if that makes more sense,

      I am trying to compare strain gauge results with a rosette strain gauge to FEA results in a failry low gradinent area.  What is the best way to show the two principle stains/stress as found on the surface?  I believe there should only be two on the surface.