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    How to prevent SolidWorks Simulation from automatic re-starting

    Tiefu Shao

      Dear all,


      I was running transient radiative thermal analysis. It took about 40 hours to finish the simulation. Unfortunately, I didn't save the results in time, and the SolidWorks Simulation re-start the analysis automatically! I had to wait for another 40 hours to get the results.


      This incidence has happened for two times and might be many times during weekend run. In one case, I set up a transient simulation before my 4-day vacation, when I came back 4 days later to check the simulation results, the Study status showed around there was only 3 hours Elapsed Time, which means it just started again 3 hours before I came back to my office.


      Is there any hints to resolve this issue?


      Thanks for any feedback.


      Best regards,



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          Jared Conway

          I've never seen solidworks simulation restart the analysis. There is no feature for this that you can turn on or off.


          Can you give more details about what the work flow is? Also does it happen to a simple block setup in a similar way?


          The only thing even remotely close that I can think is happening is a solver change because of some need mid way through some pre processing, but I can't see it flip flopping. I'd get someone else to run it and see if the same thing happens. The test with a simple block will tell you a lot as well.


          If it were me, I'd make a new study, drag and drop everything but the mesh and run it. If that fixes it, you had a corrupt study. I might also suggest making multiple studies where one starts with the results of another. That will shorten the time of each analysis and you'll at least maybe be able to save partial results.

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              Tiefu Shao

              Thanks for your feedback.


              Upon reading your advices, I have done some analysis to possible root causes and kept closer observation on SolidWorks Simulation. Here is one finding:

              The Elapsed Time shown in the pop-up Study Status (or Solver Status) can only record 24 hours in maximum. If my study takes 25 hours, it will show only 1 hour Elapsed Time. This is different from what other Simulation Tool do. If Solver has worked 72 hours and 1 minute, the Solver designer shouldn't only report that the Solver only has worked for 1 minute. It is also difficult for me to report correctly my simulation time. For example, my current radiative heating simulation with a model of 57,375 nodes has run since last Friday afternoon (7/19); it is still running, however, the Elapsed Time shows 20h:19m:42s (at this moment). It will change to 0h:0m:0s in this afternoon. Upon seeing that, some analyst may become alerted and Cancel the whole study to check what has been wrong and thus lost all results. I believe this can be corrected easily by SolidWorks company.


              However, I still can't understand why this "restart" happened in one of my steady-state simulation. I was waiting to see if there is similar incidence from other SW users. I guessed that it was most probably caused by some virus or malware. However, since you commented this "restart" is really uncommon, I will tentatively conclude that I was probably the person to have moved the mouse and click the "run" icon unconsciously. (But this is also not likely, because I was waiting for the simulation results).


              I will kept an eye on this "issue" and will report if any new incidence happens.