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Exporting as dxf/dwg

Discussion created by Christopher Vitela on Jul 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2013 by Chris Dordoni

Hello everyone,


I just wanted to start a discussion and get everyone's opinion about exporting to a .dxf/.dwg file type.  I am working with multiple cnc machines and graphic printers, and let me tell you, Solidworks hasn't made it easy.  I say that because my company only wants me to use my cam software (ArtCAM Express) and Solidworks.  No autocad or draftsight.  Jagged lines instead of smooth arcs and splines and exporting without knowing if the output is going to read by other programs have been some of the speedbumps along the way.


I have been able to get my cnc machines to run smoothly as well as my graphic printers, but there are still some small issues that need to be taken care off.  I know I will get those solved, but it has been fun getting everything to work.  I know there are other people out there in the industry that can say the same thing, so if you like, I would like to hear about other people's experiences.