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    Can't create new blank excel

    L. J

      Hi, everyone! I'm using the sw12(x64), and office 2010, windows 7(x64), and i'm newbie in sw : (

      when I choose to insert a blank excel but nothing happened

      >>>>insert>table>desige table (****not excatly correct, becase I'm using the chinese version****same as the follows****)

      >>>>then choose the "blank" table, click on "right", then this is what happened: http://imgur.com/rllN7gE,yZgpl4u     http://imgur.com/WBhXJG9

      but no excel appear or attached.

      However, when I choose the "from the file" instead of the "blank", and choose the test.xls, office excel program opened normally.

      I had tried to search some useful information, but find nothing the same as mine sw. (maybe alse because of my poor english)

      Thanks in advance!