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Section View - Not quite isometric

Question asked by Peter Ham on Jul 22, 2013
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Hi all,


I'm trying to provide a drawing to a customer showing them some hole positions, dimensioned from surrounding features.

In order to create a suitable drawing, I'd like to be able to create a section view, then re-orientate the section view such that the holes are visible.


Creating a section view then right-click and selecting 'Isometric Section View' is as close as I've managed to get, but in this case the provided iso view doesn't reveal the holes.


Attached images show what I've managed so far:

  • IsoSection1 - Assembly, showing my desired view
  • IsoSection2 - Drawing, showing Iso Section view


I've tried creating a new view in the assembly, but the section I've created in the assembly doesn't transfer to the drawing.


Any help appreciated.


Message was edited by: Peter Ham - Changed "modify the view" to  "re-orientate the section view"