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[ToolBox] Not updating correctly after editing standards.

Question asked by Antoine Andrieu on Jul 19, 2013

Hello everyone,

We just upgraded Solidworks to the 2013 version in my company. I am in charge of the company standards and upgrading from 2011 to 2013 was very easy for most of the settings. Now I just face a problem with the hole database. I can add and remove standards, but then after modifying the standard (any i tried them all) and saving, the change isn't take in account. So basically the part 1) "Hole Wizard" of the Toolbox Setup is working well but not the 2) "Customize your hardware".

Also the 2011 database was upgraded to the 2013 version, so I had my custom company standard already from the start. But after a few second old removed types of screw start appearing again and I want to remove them again and be able to modify the database in the future.

Any idea on how to make it work?

thanks a lot!