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EPDM mail notification - link still pointing to old vault after duplication

Question asked by Wayne Lehman on Jul 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2013 by Wayne Lehman

We recently duplicated a vault that we used for testing (test2013) to a new live vault (live-epdm). Successfully changed the archiver server and vault settings in the database and created a new vault view on the existing EPDM clients. Everything seemed to be running ok.


We now notice that the EPDM Notifications generated by the EPDM MailService include links that still point to the old vault (test2013). I have sent a test message from within Administration->Message System and the message correctly reflects the new vault name (live-epdm).


It looks like I have missed something in the vault database tables somewhere: vault ID or vault name? Maybe a registry change?


Any help gratefully received.