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Dimension not visible while placing

Question asked by Seth Renigar on Jul 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by Seth Renigar

A co-worker just pointed out that on his machine, the dimension is not visible while placing, when in a sketch.  But it's a little deeper than that even.


For example, let's say he has 2 parallel lines that he wants to define a distance between.  He starts the smart dimension tool and selects the first line.  On my machine, a preview of the dimension is visible immediately (it's trying to guess that you're wanting to dimension the length of the first line at this point).  His is not showing any indication that he's even selected the line for dimensioning, although he has.  Then, he selects the 2nd line.  On my machine, the dimension tool recognizes that you are trying to dimension between 2 lines now, and shows a preview of the dimension.  His still shows no indication that he's selected anything for dimensioning.  However, when he places the dimension, it appears as it should ready to input a value.


Now comes the fun part (as if that wasn't bad enough).  Without touching anything after placing the dimension, if he clicks anywhere else, it tries to place a second dimension from the same 2 lines that he had previously selected.  If he were to click 10 times, it would place 10 dimensions between the same 2 lines, without reselecting them.


Has anyone ever seen anything like this???  I'm at a loss...