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Prevent Approving drawings that Reference Files in a Particular State

Question asked by Joe Wilcoxson on Jul 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by Raghavendra Bhagwan

We have been running in to an issue where we accidently approve drawings before the referenced files are approved. This causes us problems because our sheet format displays a Drawing Revision letter and a Part/Assembly Revision letter.


For example:

Part 1 is at revision A

Drawing 1 (which shows Part 1) is at revision A.


Draftsman updates Part 1 and Drawing 1 and submits them for approval, they both change from "Under Editing" to "Pending Approval". The approving engineer gets the notification and accidently only approves the drawing, pushing the drawing to B, and ultimately we end up with a PDF of Drawing 1 Rev B showing Part 1 what will be rev B and the title block says Part 1 Rev A.


I know this can be prevented by approving the part beforehand or at the same time as the drawing, but is there a way I can prevent a drawing from transitioning from "Pending Approval" to "Engineering Approval" if it references files that are in "Pending Approval" (that is, unless the "Pending Approval" parts are transitioning to "Engineering Approval" at the same time).