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Roller Support & Part Interaction within Simulation

Question asked by Steven McLean on Jul 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2013 by Bill McEachern

I'm conducting a simulation of a jack and slide assembly, consisting of parts like a beam, and sheets, that are welded together, along with a separate saddle piece that is placed on top where the load will be focused.




From my model I've come across an issue having roller supports since when I test the simulation I've encountered the roller supports resulting in a "Large Displacement", of which I clicked the box within options to account for the large displacement, as well as the rollers pointing downward. However, in the case shown in the pictures I've used reference of geometry along with a translation direction for the roller support, but is this allowed, I thought it dealt with the movement of that piece and I don't know of another way to direct the support force in the opposite direction of the load without doing so.


I'm also not entirely sure on if my connections can be causing this and are resulting in the model not to interact correctly. Especially since I'm having the saddle and the jack & slide assembly beneath it.


In all I'm stuck getting the simulation to run properly without failing, or errors occurring such as "Large Displacement", and I think it might be due to the connections, and fixtures.