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    Rachel York



      My Problem: When grabbing a midpoint, endpoint, the endpoint on a leader, or anyother snapping feature is very difficult. I know of and use filters fluently, but I spend half my time trying to get the end of the mouse pointer to get directly on the point to click it and this is very frustrating, time consuming, and makes my hand go numb after working all day. My experience in AutoCAD allowed an increasing the size of the pick point ie you could scale the midpoint from a very small dot on the screen to a huge triangle, you could also change the color, but that is besides the point.


      My Question: Does Solidworks have an edit fetaure or options for this?


      Thanks ahead of time

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          Tom dunn

          Hi Rachel. Are you talking about while you are sketching you look for the end snap, mid point snap? You shouldn't need to select an end point or mid point with solidworks. That snaping action is already on with solid works. If you sketch a line and then sketch another from an end it should snap to the end with picking anything else. Let me know if this is happening for you? Tom

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            Tony Cantrell

            It probably has to do with your image quality/performance, on a low setting the actual line/point is not where you think.

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              Rachel York

              Tom, Tony;


              Sorry for not getting back to ya, I have been out of work for a couple weeks...


              What I mean is that the actual pixel  of the endpoint (for example) in a sketch is so small that I have to use both hands on the mouse to keep it steady enough to actually pick the endpoint. I mean I have to get the end of the mouse pointer so perfectly lined up with center of the endpoint pixel(s) its maddening. In my AutoCAD experience I could increase the the size of the Endpoint so freaking big that it would make a drawing look ridiculous is there a button and preference or option in SW that works along the same line.


              This idea can work throughout drawings, assemblies, and parts in solidworks, like the endpoint, midpoint, center of a circle, the ends of arrows and dimensions.


              I hope this helps clarify, maybe I will take the time and get a picture related to this. I have looked and maybe I am missing a keyword in my search and also I can't spend all my time at work surfin around I do have to have something done at the end of the day; right? LOL...


              Anyways thanks ahead of time.

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                  Glenn Schroeder



                  Welcome to the forum.  I don't remember hearing of that before.  I wonder if it could be related to your graphics card?  Can you post your system specs?  I'm not a hardware expert by any means, but that information may help those who are figure out what's wrong.


                  Also, at Tools > Options > System Options > Display/Selection is the box checked for "Dynamic highlight from graphics view"?  With that checked, when you hover your cursor it will highlight what you're on so you know what you're selecting before you click.

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                  Rachel York



                  I am not sure if this really falls under graphics card (I do not think it goes that deep ). Going back to AutoCAD I could go into options or setup or what have you and go in AutoSnap Settings and from there I could increase the the Autosnap Marker size, kinda like increasing the font size is really what I am asking, but increase the font size of any marker, pick point what have you.


                  Next post I am getting pictures lol......I am sure its something so easy cheesy I just missing the frickn button...BUTTON BUTTON WHOS GOT THE BUTTON LOL....


                  Thanks again for your time taken.

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                    Rachel York

                    Tom: No, this would be an option somewhere in solidworks, and I am either missing it or it does not exhist.


                    Okay Picture time:

                    I have circled the setting I am looking for, this is included in settings in AutoCAD, you can literelly increase the size of a snap point that it will take up the whole screen, or you can make it oh so tiny that you have to hold both hands on the mouse to keep er steady to pick it, and this is the case I am struggling with in SolidWorks. I would like to increase the size of actual snap point.


                    BTW I am running SW13osnap_settings.gif


                    Thanks again, and I apologize for not responding so quickly, I have been out of the office since Friday.

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                        Jerry Steiger



                        I don't know of any setting in SolidWorks like the above. You might want to check "Tools"/"Options"/"System Options"/"Sketch--Relations/Snaps" to see if some of the selections were turned off somehow.


                        Jerry S.

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                            Rachel York

                            I have been secretly skeptical that this option doesn't exhists in solidworks. I have done my share of rooting around in options/settings and I have come up with zilch. Just one of those moments when solidworks has overlooked a simple option, oh well thanks everyone for getting back to me on this. Maybe in the future they will let us be responsible for our own snap point size (sarcasm)

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                          Rachel York

                          Rachel -

                          First and foremost, you've got an AWESOME name!!!

                          It's a really, really small world after all...

                          What are the odds of there being another Rachel York out here on the SolidWorks Forums?


                          No functionality exists within SolidWorks to change the size of the snap aperture/marker.
                          From what you are describing though, I wonder if you have snapping enabled? Even with filters on, if snapping isn't enabled you're in for a rough time sketching.
                          Tools>Options>System Options>Sketch>Relations/Snaps>Enable snappingEnable snapping.png


                          Sketching in SolidWorks is not quite the same as AutoCAD - you're not actually going to see a snap marker; instead, you will see a flag indicating the relationship type thru a symbol (parallel, perpendicular, etc). Also, the color of the flags will let you know if the relationship is going to be added to the entity or if it is inferred. A yellow flag showing horizontal means that the line segment you are completing on a left click will have a horizontal sketch relation added to it; fun fact, if the yellow flag you're seeing is a relationship you do not want added automatically, holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard will disable automatic relations. A white flag showing a horizontal relation is just letting you know that the entity you are dropping is currently horizontal to another entity in the sketch (a "hey-by-the-way-this-endpoint-is-horizontal-to..."); if you intend to keep this white flag relation for design intent, you'll have to add it manually after you are done sketching.

                          Hope this helps!


                          Rachel Diane