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Assembly not opening after creation with EPDM in the Vault

Question asked by Josh Killalea on Jul 18, 2013
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by Josh Killalea

We just had EPDM installed and i have been doing my very first project in it to test the waters before letting everyone loose with it. i have noticed something odd just now and google and the search function here don't seem to be able to answer me.


  • what i have noticed is that when i got to File>New or the "New" button in the quick launch tool bar (either with a new session of solidworks open or one i have been working in for a while) and start a new assembly, EPDM opens a dialog to ask where i want to save the file, i find my folder and click on it.
  • another dialog opens asking for a unique file name, so i fill that out and hit enter.
  • it then pops up the assembly data card with the correct unique file name and i hit create file.
  • after a bit the data card dissapears and solidworks displays the insert component tab on the left as it normally would when you create a new assembly, but this is the odd thing, it is in "Assem2".
  • when i have a look in windows explorer, the new assembly i have created is there with it's unique name, but for some reason soldworks just creates it and then opens a new assembly....


is this the normal behaviour? or have i done something wrong during creation? is there a check box to make sure it opens the assembly you have created? or is this just another bug to add to the insanely long list?


thanks in advance for any help.