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Graphics Field will NOT clear after saving current sketch-part-?!!?

Question asked by Jonathan Bolz on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2013 by Jonathan Bolz

Hi anyone and everyone,


I'm using Mr. Paul Trans text-book: SolidWorks 2012 Part 1 - Basic Tools. I have completed the 1st section/ chapter etc. sketching and extruding the part that looks like a tapered heat-sink with a solid rod embedded in the center.


Anyway, I have followed the instructions* to the letter, File: / SAVED-AS: / Extrude Options /Save


2nd or next lesson requires starting a new sketch via clicking on either of the icons (folders) that display the new (part)-(assembly)-(drawing) window, select "Front plane" then the pencle tool etc., etc. PROBLEM IS......The current part refuses to leave the graphics field-! I have tried closing the whole thing completly down, checking the folder's to note the saved parts is in fact there, and it is. I'm getting the old intuitional goosebump-effect all over figuring I'm passing over something real simple & I'm about to start feeling real stupid-! but just so everyone knows, I'm brand-new at this-!


So Please HELP.....How do I aquire a clean field to begin this new part please-?




Jonathan Bolz