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    Graphics Field will NOT clear after saving current sketch-part-?!!?

    Jonathan Bolz

      Hi anyone and everyone,


      I'm using Mr. Paul Trans text-book: SolidWorks 2012 Part 1 - Basic Tools. I have completed the 1st section/ chapter etc. sketching and extruding the part that looks like a tapered heat-sink with a solid rod embedded in the center.


      Anyway, I have followed the instructions* to the letter, File: / SAVED-AS: / Extrude Options /Save


      2nd or next lesson requires starting a new sketch via clicking on either of the icons (folders) that display the new (part)-(assembly)-(drawing) window, select "Front plane" then the pencle tool etc., etc. PROBLEM IS......The current part refuses to leave the graphics field-! I have tried closing the whole thing completly down, checking the folder's to note the saved parts is in fact there, and it is. I'm getting the old intuitional goosebump-effect all over figuring I'm passing over something real simple & I'm about to start feeling real stupid-! but just so everyone knows, I'm brand-new at this-!


      So Please HELP.....How do I aquire a clean field to begin this new part please-?




      Jonathan Bolz

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Welcome to the forum.  Opening a new SolidWorks file should push the current file to the back, and clicking on the bottom of the two X's at the upper right of your screen (see below) should close the file without closing SW down.  If neither of those are working, and it sounds like they aren't, it's likely an issue with your graphics card.  Can you post your system specs?  I'm not a hardware expert by any stretch of the imagination, but other people who follow this forum are and I'm sure they can help.


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            Jonathan Bolz
            Hi Glenn.


            First of all, Thank You for stopping to help me, I really do appreciate it-! here's the "specs" on my system:


            Mfg - Dell / Inspiron N7110
            Intel core i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10 GHz
            RAM: 4.00 GB
            System Type: 62 bit
            Graphics: desktop performance for windows aero / (whatever this means, prob. the crappiest  graphics card on the Planet)-!!!
            Gaming Graphics: 3D Business & gaming graphics performance.


            Just  so you know, I already talked to a member at MCAD in Denver (I live in  the Springs) who informed me that the laptop I'm using for this is just  that.....it's a "Laptop" and what I really needed was a "Portable  WORKSTATION" ya...well okay since they ONLY want a couple K-Bills for  one of those, especially if you want to "customize anything" I'll just  take 3-4 tonight-!!!


            Anyway, sorry just venting a little I  guess. If this helps: I'm running the most very "Basic seat or version"  of SolidWorks 2012 that I could afford. I don't have a subscription to  the tech-support crowd and so the only hope I felt I had/ have of  getting through this is by working with these text manuals and  overcoming my apprehension of joining one of these groups-!


            When  I 1st set-up my laptop, everything seemed to be working just fine (with  the VERY MINOR issue(s) of the tutorials being somewhat vague and not  always user-friendly). The features, etc. all worked just like you  mentioned, with the graphics field "clearing" like it is supposed to. I  started a text book by a different Author and I have three sketches  SAVED in my files under a title name that I would have to look-up if you  requested it. I decided to "back-burner" this 1st text-book because #1 I  acquired a "3rd virus" * that shut down my Laptop for over 6 weeks  & I lost track of where I was in the textbook but #2 I also felt  that Paul Trans books were closer to breaking the information down a  little farther or better than either the SW tutorials or the 1st text  book. I was having trouble understanding some of the terminology, i.e.  tangents inferencing lines etc.


            The friend I have that  looks after my PC issues & has repaired my Dell the last 3-4 times,  suggested I stay away from Microsoft "Exploder" as it's plagued with  the like-!
            Although the Paul Tran training  manuals are excellent so far, I did run into missing steps right at the  beginning chapter and it's practice lessons. Little things like being  informed of "shutting off" the tool(s) {features-sketch-tools}-etc. and  remembering to "click inside a blank area" of the graphics field when  you want or need to save and/ or "freeze" the action being done inside  the field or little problems could arise. The graphics field seems to be  extremely sensitive until one learns how it works and this was one of  the details the text book left out.


            Also, I don't know if  "you're" familiar with Paul Trans book(s) but if you like, I could scan  the pages I used to make all these changes if you need to see them. The  1st manual had me change every setting in both the [system settings] and  [document templates] under a title called: Setting the system  parameters, in the Table of Contents and under Chapter 1 / system  options Pg. no.1-1 The idea I guess is to set-up the PC to follow the  lessons in the book. I'm not wondering if doing all this didn't maybe  mess something up for me somewhere-?


            Oh ya, BTW I did  contact what I figured was Mr. Tran himself at a email address found  inside the books last pages. I was contacted by one of his reps and  informed that They didn't handle tech-issues but that they would make a  one-time exception. I tried what was suggested* but to no avail, I still  have "Ghost images" in my saved files, if you hover over them the  thumbnail is blank, if you try to open it [any of the 4-5 copies] the  G-Field opens up with NO model/sketch/or anything in the field but there  yet exists a single (sketch #1 tile) at the bottom of the properties  manager, I can't delete that to save my own life either but I'm also not  even sure it belongs there or not-? 
            I'm sorry  for making this so long, I wanted to make sure you had as much detailed  info. as I could think of. Hope I didn't bore you to tears-!


            Thank You very much again,



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              John Burrill

              Hey Jonathan, welcome to the forums and SolidWorks in general.

              First piece of advice I would give you is take it easy.  Working with SolidWorks is a bit like working with cars: every one who's done it has dealt with hardware configuration problems usually right in the middle of trying to learn something else.  So what you're going through is part of the process and will be part of the job.

              Now, about your laptop, you're correct.  You have a crappy video card and you're running a netbook processor.  You're not going to be modelling nuclear reactors on your rig.  But for tutorials and learning the software, you should be able to work it without having to spend a lot of money.

              I'm going to give you suggestions ranging from free to $1500.00 to improve your setup

              Free: Turn off hardware acceleration in SolidWorks.  You've got the wrong kind of video card for it.  To do this open SolidWorks, goto Options==>System Options: Display Performance and check "Use Software OpenGL"  You have to do this right when you launch solidWorks before you open or make any files otherwise the checkbox will be grayed out.  This is going to slow down SolidWorks especially on assemblies, but it will at least display correctly.

              $50-$100: Get any nvidia GeForce gaming card that your laptop will take.  You're not going to have real-view and you're not going to have multi-window acceleration, but you'll get hardware acceleration in your main window and that should make your life easier

              $50-$150: increase your system ram.  If you have a 64bit OS there's no reason to limit SW to 2Gb of RAM.  SW uses up that memory pretty quickly.

              $200-$500: Get an Nvidia Quadro or ATI FirePro GL card if one is available for your system.  This is a work-station class video card and will support all of SolidWorks display featurs.  The problem is you'll have a netbook processor running it all and there's really no way to improve the speed of the processor without getting a new laptop.

              $1200: This is the entry point for a workstation desktop. Save the laptop for Facebook.  For this you can get a Dell Precision entry level workstation with an nVidia Quadro graphics card and Windows 7 professional 64bit and Microsoft Office small business edition

              $1500: You can get a refurbished Precision 4700M mobile workstation with a Quadro 2000 video card.  It's a lot of cash, you'll be set for a couple of years atleast.

              Beyond that, you start specc'ing machines for the specific type of work you're doing and it you're just getting started, I wouldn't commit that far ahead.

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                  Jonathan Bolz

                  Hi John,


                  Blast....So my ultimate plans to take over the entire World's Nuke power supply system is over-?? What am I going to do now-?


                  Thanks, I needed that, it lifted some of the pressure I was putting on myself and it made me laugh, I guess I needed the "perception adjustment"-! It's just that Iv'e been out of work for over two years, etc., etc. and I guess I'm trying to cram this stuff down my throat inside of two weeks to two months, guess I better fall-back and re-group.


                  Thank you also for the list of options, I'm going to chat with a rep at Dell and see what can be done with my "poop"-top, I'm not much of a facebook-fan but I understand your intent. My spare time is spent researching those miniature working ICE's, i.e. the 1/6th scale Chevy V-8, Muller's Stinger, etc. (funny you should mention working on cars, the last repair I made was on the Wife's "99" Saturn. The water pump went out. The four 3/8" nuts holding the pully to the flange are a real headache because the desingers only gave us 0.75" room between the wheel-well and the engine. Without pushing the eng. up out of the compartment, you are driven insane trying to work the nuts on and off, that one was FUN-!!!


                  Other than trying some of these ideas you just gave me, guess it's time to figure on making a purchase of the correct tool for this kind of new work I intend to spend at least 10-20 more years doing-!


                  Thank You very much for the new ideas, possible solution(s) and a much needed spirtual lift-!!!



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                      Jerry Steiger



                      You can spend a lot less money if you use a Desktop instead of a Laptop. The cheapest option is to build your own. Read the threads in the Administration forum (that's where performance and hardware are discussed the most). If you don't get the answers you need, then ask in that forum for some advice.


                      Jerry S.

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                          Jonathan Bolz

                          Hi Jerry,


                          I was thinking the very same thing the other night. Sitting here staring at the 2006 Dell tower I have had since I purchased it back then. My Cousin was eye-balling it one day & made the remark that the interior layout & cooling system etc., etc. & casing was PERFECT for doing just that very thing except we were discussing Gaming {Flight Sim's} stuff at the time.


                          I'm-a-thinnin.....I'll start looking around at not only Dell but Geek.com and whats that other place or places-? I'll Google a few key-words & see what turns up. I bet I could build one serious BAD-AS-ED PC for prob. 1/3rd the denero-!!!


                          THANK YOU though for the reminder Bro, I probably would have stayed with trying to figure out how I was going to pay for the mid-grade M6700-! .......Ya right-! Everybody here KNOW'S I would have talked myself into the $6000.00/+$$$ model-!$#$#$


                          Thanks Everyone-




                          P.s. - I just happend to think of something else-! A couple of weeks ago, My Google-Earth app. just quite working or lets say "working correctly" yet the older lower powered PC in the bedroom next door, that I receive my signals from....works just fine-! Still VERY SLOW but it's working-!?! Well, gee wizz, I'm now guessing that if my graphics card went into retirement then this might just explain the SW G-field issues...???