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Sheet Metal Corner on a radius

Question asked by Ken Marah on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2013 by Stephen Bittner

I am trying to find an easier way of forming this sheet metal part, I have attached 3 part files. example 1 is what I am trying to accomplish and currently how I have to make the part. which works fine for a model but does not produce the correct flat pattern, example 3 shows the correct flat pattern.  Currently our company cuts these corners square on a flat laser then takes them to another machine to punch the correct corner profile and then the part moves on from there.  the problem is that the die that cuts this profile has wore out and they would like to see this profile cut on the laser.  so now i am creating the sheet metal part like example 1 and the creating a laser part flat pattern then applying the geometry for the current profile of the corner.  if someone could help me out with an easier way of doing this or someone to conform that this is the only way to complete this flat pattern, we would greatly appreciate it.