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    SolidWorks and Tesla K20c

    Zoltan Kovacs


      Has anybody idea how to make work GPU card Tesla K20c under SolidWorks 2013?

      (Workstation Dell T7600, 64GB RAM, Quadro K2000, TeslaK20c). Maximus utility shows the Tesla is working while CLBechmark is running. But when SolidFlow is computing ( or rendering ) the Tesla is dead at all.

      Tanks :Zoli

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          Alan Sweetenham

          Hi Zoltan


          Unfortunately no simulation or rendering components of SolidWorks will take advantage of GPU resources to speed calculations currently. I know there have been enhancement request for this function however i have not heard on any plans for this as of yet, someone from solidworks may be able to advise if there are any.


          As far as flow simulation goes you can use a remote solver so you could asign a task to another PC  but it is all CPU based


          For rendering you can use network rendering as of SolidWorks 2013, but again this is all CPU based, these systems do not need a license of solidworks, just a small piece of software call the SolidWorks Network Render Client.


          Simualtion is also all CPU based for the calculations


          Probably not the answer you were after but that is the current state.