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MODO / Luxology appearances not displayed in TASK PANE in SW2012

Question asked by Scott Chabineau on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2013 by Anna Wood

Anyone else have this problem?


Downloaded MODO materials from the luxology website using the Solidwork Portal.

Unzipped them into a Custom Appearance folder. They show up with a .lxp file extension in the windows directory.

In the TASK PANE - I added the new Custom Appearance folder under Appearances section.

Clicked the folder to view the material so I could drag and drop them onto my part.... No materials are visible. Any material that has associated files (JPG), I can see the JPG image in the TASK PANE. However, the material image does not appear, so there is nothing I can drag and drop.


I am using SW2012 SP5.0. I just talked to my VAR, and he confirms that on his system in 2012 the material does not show up in the task pane. However, when he opens it 2013 - it does show up.


He was not able to identify a work around. Since I am tied to 2012 for a while longer due to the company policy - I am hoping that someone has seen this and been able to come up with a solution.