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Transition PERMISSION Released parts will disappear.

Question asked by Adrian Sangel on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2013 by Adrian Sangel

Hi everyone,


does anyone encountered this set-up? i have a flow chart which ive customized for my process flow  i have a inquery regarding on the state permission of the released parts and documents.


i have a screen capture here please see flow. png


my concern is ive created a caduser which is responsible for creating of cad parts and also documents.


and ive already set-up manager and team leader who is responsible for the approval transition.


my question is once ive approved the cad/document is it possible the cad-user cannot see the released parts? in the state released?


i want to setup a flowchart once the part is on the released transition the parts will not appear on the cad-user


Cause im curious ive already set-up the transition state and the cad-user is excluded in this released state.


please check my attached prinscreen is it possible when i released the documents it will automatically disappear on the cad-user?





Hoping for your response,

thank you