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    Transition PERMISSION Released parts will disappear.

    Adrian Sangel

      Hi everyone,


      does anyone encountered this set-up? i have a flow chart which ive customized for my process flow  i have a inquery regarding on the state permission of the released parts and documents.


      i have a screen capture here please see flow. png


      my concern is ive created a caduser which is responsible for creating of cad parts and also documents.


      and ive already set-up manager and team leader who is responsible for the approval transition.


      my question is once ive approved the cad/document is it possible the cad-user cannot see the released parts? in the state released?


      i want to setup a flowchart once the part is on the released transition the parts will not appear on the cad-user


      Cause im curious ive already set-up the transition state and the cad-user is excluded in this released state.


      please check my attached prinscreen is it possible when i released the documents it will automatically disappear on the cad-user?





      Hoping for your response,

      thank you