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    Converting Surface to Solid

    Adam Baker

      I've got a boat hull that I'm working on, and I created the model by using surface lofts. I used surface fills to close it in completely, and was able to get the whole thing to knit together successfully, if I dont try to create a solid model. However, if I check the box to attempt to create a solid model, it says it fails to knit surfaces.


      I need the final part to be a solid model, and unfortunately I have very little surfacing experience. Most of what I have now is just from a large amount of trial and error.


      I've attached a part file, iges & step file, in the hopes someone cna help. The file was created in SW2013.

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          Randy Neumann

          I extended your loft surfaces and trimmed them to a line on center and knitted it to a solid. This is not a great solution to your problem, but atleast you can see what is needed to get things to knit. I also had to turn off gap control. You need to create surfaces with good edges to knit together, harder than it sounds sometimes. Control the joining edge when creating or create more than you need and trim back to mate.