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drawing reference changing after opening file...

Question asked by Anthony Macke on Jul 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2013 by Jeff Holliday

i click open, find my part file and click the "references" button to check which assembly/part the drawing is referencing.

everything looks good so i open the drawing.

drawing comes in as squares with x's in them.

after closing the drawing i go back into open and click the "references" button.

now its pointing to a different file that doesnt exist.


now, there's alot of extra info here to paint a picture. we have a "sister plant" in a different state. drafter there does everything on his desktop (because our server performance is absolutely horrible over there, something that takes me 10 minutes to do while working straight from the server here can take them over 4 hours to do there).


when he is done with all his modeling and drawings he moves everything over to our server.

(yet another snafu...currently our drawings are stored on a completely different server than our models, so keeping file references straight can be a pain, plus you can only open parts/assemblies from the drawing, cant open a drawing from a part/assembly)


but this is where im running into the above problem. i am usually the one to go back and fix all the file references, because all the drawings are looking for his desktop to pull the parts and assemblies.


even if i click "references" and re-select the correct part/assembly then click open it still tries to pull from his desktop. only way i have found to fix it is to open the drawing with x'ed out boxes, close the drawing, correct file reference, then open again and save. the only way to get the reference to show as the non-existant file path is by opening the drawing with x'ed squares.


we do not have a PDM software...YET...its been a discussion topic for a good while now.


so i guess i'm not really looking for an answer, because i know the way we are doing things is severely incorrect.


just looking for any comments, or maybe someone out there is working with a "wonderful system setup" like myself and had some pointers.


thanks in advance