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    Problem with COSMOS M

    Marco F. Origgi

      COSMOS M


      Hi everybody,

      I have the following problem related to an old model created with COSMOS M: the new release of SolidWorld 2013 Premium is not able to read the old gen file. I wonder if somebody got the same problem and how it was solved.





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          Julien Boissat



          You're probably trying to open a .GEN file. The .GEN file is the main database file in binary format. It can only be opened with the same version (64k, 128k, 256k, etc.) as the original version used to create it.

          To know this version is possible if you still have the .SES file (text file that can be opened with Notepad). It is the session file which contains information about the version used, and also all the commands used to create the database.

          Therefore, it can be used to recreate the database in any version you desire.

          The .GEO file is also a text file representing the database. The version is also mentioned ther and it can be used to recreate the database using any version.

          In other words, if you have the .ses or the .geo file, this would be a great help to identify the proper version with which to open the .GEN file or to recreate the database entierly.


          I see you already contacted your SolidWorks reseller about this problem. The discussion will continue through your SolidWorks reseller.

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            Jared Conway

            Hi Marco, just curious, what types of analysis are you using COSMOSM for still if you're on 2013?


            Let us know if Julien's suggestion works. That seems to be how I remember it, but it has been a long time.