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No values found for rule 25

Question asked by Ryan Bellman on Jul 16, 2013

Since the toolbox contains no inch sizes of prevailing torque nuts, I'm trying to use the existing DIN parts to create what I need. I have tried various methods including adding sizes to one of the existing DIN toolbox parts with inch dimensions converted to metric; copying the toolbox part to a new folder, changing the file's units to IPS, and changing the size table; exporting the toolbox part data, modifying the configuration names to eliminate unaccepted characters (1/4 --> .25), and reimporting; changing size names to decimal or to a fake metric standard to conform to the existing format; and creating all configurations in toolbox.


No matter what I do, when I try to select an added size, it does not change the part and gives the message "No values found for rule 25" (or "...rule 45" in one case). Why must this be so strict and unfriendly?