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Solidworks won't "un-minimize"

Question asked by Dean Baragar on Jul 15, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by Christian Chu

I have a really stupid issue today.

Running SW2013 in Windows 7.  I minimized SW, and now I can't unminimize it.  When I click on the icon in the task bar nothing happens.  When I hover over and it previews the windows and I click on them, nothing happens.  When I right click on the icon and select Solidworks 2013, it opens up a new session.

Similarly, when SW is running behind another program (such as Word), and I want to go back to Solidworks, I cannot get back to the window I was working on.  For example, if I have 3 models open and am working on 1, then switch to Word for awhile, when I hover over SW icon, only the 2 non-current windows are available for selection, so the only way to get back to the original window is to minimize Word.

Is this normal behavior, or do others have the same problem.