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Filling casing with beads randomly and filling space between beads

Question asked by Dan Wolfe on Jul 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by Mark Kaiser

Hi all,


This is a follow up question that hopefully provides a little more insight into what I am trying to accomplish. Attached is a picture of the concept I am trying to model. What I want to do is create the model in SolidWorks and import the model into a software called LightTools to do optical modeling via ray tracing.


For whatever reason the LightTools software requires that the elements in the assembly you want to edit or change materials must be their own part... Therefore I need to break down my assembly into 3 primary parts: The casing itself, the optical structure inside (bead), and the filled space between the beads so that I can change the material filler in between them. To reiterate that, those 3 parts must be three separate files to form an assembly.


So I have a couple questions...


How can I fill the casing volume with the bead, a random pattern would be nice, but I don't see that as a pattern option. Second, how can I create a part that is the space between all of the beads. Once I have the casing (which I have completed), the random bead pattern filling the case, and the space between the beads part... I can create an assembly of the three and import that assembly into LightTools. As I mentioned previously this allows me to change the optical properties of each of the three in the LightTools software.


I hope someone can provide some insight for me! Thanks!